Lexus HS 300

د.إ700.00 / Day

Renting a Lexus HS 300 will provide vacationers in the UAE with a prestigious and elegant vehicle throughout the vacation. The luxury vehicle has a comfortable leather interior and is prudently equipped with everything necessary for business trips. Such a rental vehicle is indispensable when you have to travel for important negotiations, work and family matters, holidays, road trips, and tourism. Driving a Lexus HS 300 gives you a sense of sophistication and the feeling of perfect comfort.

  • 2023
  • Petrol
  • 2487 cc
5 Seater
Android Auto
  • Available
  • Rent full day: No . Rent Hour: Yes

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Deposit Option د.إ1,000.00 Per item

Rent a Lexus HS 300 White in the UAE – Embrace Elegance and Luxury at CARLUX UAE

Rent a Lexus HS 300 White: Are you ready to elevate your UAE vacation to new heights of prestige and elegance? Look no further than the luxurious Lexus HS 300, a vehicle that promises a truly remarkable experience throughout your stay. With its comfortable leather interior and meticulous attention to detail, this luxury vehicle is the epitome of sophistication. Equipped with all the essentials for both business and leisure trips, the Lexus HS 300 is your reliable companion for everything from important negotiations and family matters to holidays, road trips, and tourism. Get behind the wheel of a Lexus HS 300, and immerse yourself in a world of sophistication and perfect comfort.

Rent a Lexus HS 300 White Luxury and Comfort

The allure of the Lexus HS 300 lies in its opulent design and luxurious features. As a prestigious vacation rental, it offers a comfortable leather interior that invites you to relax and enjoy every moment of your journey. The attention to detail is evident in every aspect, from the plush seating to the advanced technology seamlessly integrated into the vehicle.

A Travel Companion for All Occasions

The versatility of the Lexus HS 300 is one of its standout features.

Hybrid Efficiency and Technology Integration

The Lexus HS 300 takes a step towards a greener future with its sealed Ni-MH (Nickel-Metal Hybrid) E-Motor. This hybrid component contributes not only to its efficiency but also to its eco-friendliness. With a power figure of 120PS (118BHP), the hybrid technology seamlessly complements the vehicle’s performance, offering a balanced and environmentally conscious drive.

Engine Displacement : 2494cc, Naturally Aspirated, In-Line 4-Cyl, DOHC
Power Figure : 178PS / 176BHP @ 5700 RPM
Torque Figure : 210 NM @ 3600 – 5200 RPM
Drivetrain : RWD
Transmission : 6-Step E-CVT Automatic Transmission
E-Motor Type/Size : Sealed Ni-MH (Nickel-Metal Hybrid)
Power Figure : 120PS / 118BHP

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You can rent the Lexus HS 300 White by contacting CARLUX UAE directly or through their designated rental partner. They will assist you with the booking process and provide you with all the necessary details.

Rental rates may vary, so it’s advisable to confirm the current rates when making your reservation. Please check with CARLUX UAE or their rental partner for specific pricing details.

The rental package typically includes basic comprehensive insurance and other essential services. Details of the inclusions may vary, so it’s important to discuss the specific terms with CARLUX UAE 

A security deposit may be required when renting the Lexus HS 300 White. The amount of the deposit can vary, so please inquire about the deposit details during the booking process.

Absolutely, the Lexus HS 300 White is an excellent choice for special occasions, events, or for experiencing luxury and elegance during your stay in the UAE.

The minimum rental period may vary based on the rental company’s policies. Please check with CARLUX UAE for any specific minimum rental duration requirements.

The availability of pick-up and drop-off at different locations within the UAE may vary. It’s recommended to discuss your specific requirements with CARLUX UAE when making your reservation.

The Lexus HS 300 White features a 2023 model year, a 2494cc naturally aspirated in-line 4-cylinder DOHC engine with 178PS (176BHP) power, 210NM torque, a rear-wheel drivetrain, and a 6-step E-CVT automatic transmission. It also incorporates hybrid technology for efficiency and eco-friendliness.

Yes, the Lexus HS 300 White is a versatile luxury vehicle suitable for various travel purposes, including business trips, family outings, holidays, road trips, and tourism. Its spacious and well-appointed interior caters to the diverse needs of travelers.

You can reach out to CARLUX UAE through provided contact information for bookings and inquiries. They will assist you in reserving the Lexus HS 300 White for your desired dates.